Sustainability, are brands and retailers doing enough?

Posted by Field Sales Solutions on Oct 21, 2020 11:33:00 AM

In a world where sustainability has become more in focus than ever before, Matt Ward, Field Sales Solutions Future Leaders Programme team member, explores how brands and retailers are attempting to meet environmental expectations and gives his view point on if what they are doing is enough to help to solve some of the most complex challenges facing our world.

Matt originally began exploring sustainability during his time working on the NPD Ferrero team. Part of his role was to explore new to market products, analyse and make recommendations based on field execution data. However, at Field Sales Solutions we believe in a true partnership approach, so when Matt advised that he was also working on a specialist sustainability insight project we knew he would add real value.

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Field Sales Solutions Announces Ambitious Environmental 5 Year Plan

Posted by Field Sales Solutions on Feb 12, 2020 12:41:08 PM

Field Sales Solution’s CEO; Julian Cordy shares his personal views on why he is PROUD that his organisation will be carbon neutral by 2025

2019 was a year unlike many others in my lifetime, dominated by the ongoing saga of Brexit, followed by a landslide election victory for the Conservative party and then to add some Royal spice we ended the year with Mexit.

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